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NBCF Nonlinear Summer Course 2008
July 28 - August 1, 2008
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The purpose of this workshop is to introduce research scientists, clinicians and students to a variety of nonlinear methods for the analysis of biological time series data. Participants will learn how to use nonlinear methods to analyze real biological data. Instructors will use class discussions and hands on practice to facilitate understanding of the material covered in the lectures. This workshop is an introduction to nonlinear analysis methods; participants with varied backgrounds are welcomed.


At the completion of the course, participants should be able to:
1) Understand why nonlinear analysis is used.
2) Understand the basic concepts in nonlinear dynamics and chaos.
3) Know which nonlinear methods are used to analyze biological time series data.
4) Describe what each nonlinear method measures.
5) Understand how to apply different nonlinear methods to biological time series data.
6) Understand the basic algorithm behind each nonlinear method.
7) Understand parameter selection for each nonlinear analysis method.
8) Understand limitations of nonlinear methods.
9) Apply nonlinear analysis in professional settings.

prerequisites of the course.

College algebra, basic trigonometry, basic statistics and basic computer skills.


Nick Stergiou, PhD
Naomi Kochi, MA
Joan Deffeyes, PhD
Ka-Chun Siu, PhD
Other members at NBCF will give guest lectures on clinical applications.


This workshop will take place in the HPER building at the University of Nebraska at Omaha
from July 28 to August 1, 2008.

contents and organization.

Day 1: Introduction to Dynamical Systems

  • Basic concepts in nonlinear dynamics and chaos

Day 2-5: Nonlinear Methods

  • Introduction to time series
  • Reconstruction of the state space
  • Different Nonlinear Methods
    • Lyapunov Exponent
    • Correlation Dimension
    • Fractal Analysis
      • Hurst Exponent
      • DFA
    • Entropy
      • Shannon’s Entropy
      • Approximate Entropy
      • Sample Entropy
    • Surrogate methods
      • Theiler’s Algorithm
      • Psuedoperiodic Surrogate Method
      • Small Shuffle Surrogate Method 

lecture notes.

Lecture notes will be distributed during the course. They will also be available on the Blackboard for UNO students to download.


Stergiou N, Buzzi UH, Kurz MJ, Heidel J. Nonlinear Tools in Human Movement. In: Stergiou N, ed., Innovative Analyses of Human Movement. Champaign: Human Kinetics, Champaign, 2004.


On-campus (It is NOT guarantee after July 1st.)
semi-private apartments (student housing) are available upon request. Under Nebraska state laws the use or possession of alcohol is prohibited on University property. Housing for Workshop participants is $30 per person per night to include sheets, pillow, blanket and towels. There are no TV’s, Phones or kitchenware provided. Here is a more extensive list of what is provided in each room: University Village Amenities. Please contact Ms. Lisa Holst to reserve on-campus housing.

Outside campus
Below is a list of nearby hotel accommodations:

1) Comfort Inn & Suites (West Dodge) (MAP)
8736 West Dodge Rd., Omaha, NE
1- (402) 343-1000
$72 per night. (2.5 miles)
Please Mention “UNO on July 27th” to get this rate. Offer good until July 14, 2008.

2) Econo Lodge West Dodge (MAP)
7833 W. Dodge Rd.
Omaha, NE, US, 68124
1 - (402) 391-7100
$49.99 per night. (1.8 miles)

3) Holiday Inn-Omaha Convention Center (MAP)
3321 South 72nd St
Omaha, NE 68124
1 (402) 393-3950 (3.5 miles)

4) Hampton Inn Omaha-Westroads Mall (MAP)
9720 West Dodge Road
Omaha, Nebraska, USA 68114
1 (402) 391-5300 (3.2 miles)

For Hotels 3 & 4: Rates are based on availability and are not valid during special events. Please call the hotel directly to get the special UNO Rate.  Mention that you would like the University rate because you are going to a Workshop.

further information.

  • For course information:
Dr. Nick Stergiou
Phone: 1- (402) - 554-3247
Fax: 1- (402) - 554-3693
  • For general information:
    (On-campus housing reservation)
Ms. Lisa Holst
Phone: 1- (402) - 554-3075
Fax: 1 - (402) - 554-3693
  • NBCF:


The course is open to all UNO graduate students. Please use e-bruno and register for HPER-8000-402 SPEC STDS: NONLINEAR ANALYSIS.

For participants outside UNO, the course fee* is $950. Payment must be made online via our website (see below) through Paypal. Participants will receive an invoice after registration is accepted. Participants need to register with permission after July 1st, 2008.

*The course fee is NOT refundable.


Please contact Ms. Lisa Holst for permission.
All payments are via PayPal.

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Use your credit card or bank account (where available), and click Continue on the left.